Death By Pepper

Pepper powder requires strict quality control in order to maintain the flavor as well as the potency. Death By Pepper offers the finest pepper powders from around the world. Our Korean red pepper powder is as fresh as our cayenne pepper powder. Probably the most famous pepper powder is Chili powder, which is used in both food and medicine.

Chili peppers have been part of the human diet since 7500 BC. Chili peppers were domesticated in Ecuador more than 6,000 years ago. Peppers were one of the first self- pollinating cultivated crops in Central and South America. Columbus was the first European to taste them when he arrived in the Caribbean. He is credited with naming them pepper because the taste reminded him of the European Piper genus that produces little white and black peppers.

It wasn’t long before chili peppers spread around the world since the Spanish controlled commerce with Asia in the 16th century. The Portuguese got the peppers from Spain and they spread them to India. During those early years different species and varieties of peppers were genetically altered and then grown and harvested around the world. New Pepper species were ground into a powder for easy shipping. That practice has help keep pepper on dining tables everywhere.

Peppers do vary in hotness. The title of “hottest pepper in the world” has changed over the last several years. The Naga Viper pepper replaced the Bhut Jolokia pepper as the hottest pepper in the world in 2007, but the Infinity chili pepper from Grantham England took the title in February of 2011. The Infinity chili didn’t hold the title for long. The Naga Viper got the title back in late February 2011.

Pepper pods are actually berries, which can be used fresh or dried. Drying peppers preserves their freshness for longs periods of time. Ground pepper powders are used around the world in famous dishes. Paprikash from Hungary uses several types of ground pepper, and Mole poblano from Mexico uses several dried peppers as well as nuts and spices to enrich the flavor. Puttanesca sauce from Italy contains dried hot chili powder for flavor, and Kung Pao Chicken from China has small hot chili peppers in the recipe.

Our pepper powders come from the four corners of the world. Our pepper powders have an intense flavor and they can be blended with other spices. Try our pepper powders. They add a special texture and exotic flavor to any dish.